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While many grants are available to people under a certain category, other types may require a proposal and use a much more laborious process. The concept of grant writing was designed to show people who would like to receive a grant how to do so on their own. There are several important steps needed in order to perform the task of grant writing. The first of these steps is to formulate a proposal. A proposal should express a clear vision of your project or need, and your mission statement. This should be expressed very thoughtfully and legibly, with clear and concise language. You should also include your goals and objectives. Remember, the proposal is the first thing agencies see when attempting to get a grant.

The next step in grant writing is trying to find the correct funding sources. Careful research is needed to ensure that you do not approach the wrong department when asking for a grant. There are many wonderful resources available to assist you in your search, such as state and federal websites and office, and online directories. Remember, you may be eligible for a grant from several different places, so it can't hurt to practice grant writing with as many as you can in order to receive the most benefits. Just be sure whomever you approach falls under the umbrella of the kind of grant you are seeking. Finally, when you've identified your resources, it's time to approach the funders. Before you do this, be sure you are aware of all submission guidelines, as well as any due dates to be sure you put your request in on time. Now the waiting process begins. Check to see about how long you should expect to get a response back, and be patient. If the time has passed without a reply, keep a list of contacts on file so you know who to get in touch with to make an inquiry. With some hard work, you can obtain a grant that can assist you with your needs.

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