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Grants for Artists

If you're familiar at all with the term “starving artist”, you probably know that many people who participate in the arts often do not make a large sum of money. People in theater, music, and art are often overlooked when it comes to financial help. The good news is that there are grants for artists available. The scope of the type of art can range from sculpture to poetry, and even photography. Most of these grants are given by private foundations that are seeking new talent that excels among the art world. Corporations, and the United States government, depending on the specific grant, offer some types of art grants as well. One larger institution that offers grants for artists is the National Endowment for the Arts. This organization offers a wide range of grants from the individual's needs, all the way up to funding public programs that promote the arts.

There are literally hundreds of private institutions that provide grants for artists. In many cases, these organizations are seeking someone who really excels in art, but who also promotes their artwork to do good for others. It has often been felt that artists of all kinds are simply performing their tasks for personal gains, so many places look for those who are also making a mark on the world in other ways. The American Center for Artists has a large database online of many different associations, clubs, and other types of organizations who offer both grants and contests designed specifically for artists. Another aspect of grants for artists is those who offer money to schools and other programs that assist young people in the arts. Most of these types of grants can be found through the federal government, but there are also private organizations that also provide them as well.

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