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Grants for Teachers

Often, the public school systems do not have enough funding to assist teachers with their day-to-day teaching needs. Fortunately, there are a large number of sources available that offer grants for teachers. Large companies such as Best Buy, AT&T, and Target are just a few of the companies who offer these grants. The wonderful thing about grants is that they are considered monetary gifts and do not have to be repaid. This can allow teachers to purchase things for their classroom such as books, desks, and computers that will assist them in teaching their classes. Often these grants are awarded to the school instead of the individual teacher, and then the school determines where the money will go.

Since each of the grants for teachers is different, there are usually different guidelines established for each. As with any grant, be sure to check into the requirements and deadlines before applying. Most grants for teachers provide the school with a fair amount of money to help in getting students and teachers the things that they need. Many times, the grants are not based on money, but rather on technology gifts or supplies. The goal of grants for teachers is to ensure that students are learning to the best of their ability, and that the grant can help achieve that goal in some way. You will most likely have to provide statistics to the grantor such as student test results, ethnic and economic background of the students, and the capacity in which your school teaches (i.e. what grades). It is important that as a teacher, you check with your school officials before applying for any type of grant. Make sure you know about the policies that they have put in place before applying. If you receive their blessing, check into every possible resource for grants. There are many different wonderful grants for teachers available that can assist both you, your students, and your school.

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