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Grants for Women

While the government offers many different types of grants for people of all walks of life and under just about every category, there are special grants for women only that are offered as well. In many cases, the government alone does not offer these grants. Many private institutions, companies, and Universities offer grants for women for a variety of different things. These grants are made for women from all walks of life, and several focus on younger women who are entering college, while some may focus on minorities or those who are less fortunate. The process of applying to these grants is similar to those at the federal level, but it's important to check into the specific guidelines before applying. Often, there are age and income limits, among other factors.

Sometimes, grants for women can be very particular, and can focus on a certain area of study or work. For example, some colleges offer grants for women who are going into the medical field or scientific fields only. In many cases, small publications offer grants for women who are writers, and the grant is in the form of a contest. The winner will be the recipient of the named grant amount. If you are a female business owner, there is a plethora of grants offered for those who are entering their first year of owning their own business. In many cases, these grants are offered by large corporations to support the idea of women participating in the business world. For those who play sports, look for grants that are especially for women who play a wide range of sports such as soccer, basketball, or swimming. These types of grants do not have to be offered by a specific college. In some cases, associations such as the WNBA or the Women's Soccer League host these types of grants. No matter which type of grant you want to apply for, it's recommended you conduct thorough research and apply to as many as possible.

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