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Nursing Grants

Being a nurse is an honorable, yet often stressful profession. Sometimes it can be difficult for nurses to further their education, especially with the combination of both time and money restraints. Luckily there are nursing grants available, and with some careful research, an aspiring or current nurse should be able to apply for several in the hopes that he or she will receive some monetary compensation. Most nursing grants are offered to assist a nurse in continuing their schooling, while other grants are created to help groups of nurses or hospitals with particular studies. Overall, most grants offer people or organizations money that they do not have to pay back. In many cases of nursing grants, certain standards and guidelines must be met in order to avoid the obligation of repaying any money. For example, many of these types of grants require that the recipient attend schooling and become employed as a nurse full time for a certain number of years in order to receive the money with no charge.

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Just like most other forms of grants, the applicants for nursing grants must usually submit a proposal first. In most cases, the grants are awarded to schools or hospitals instead of on an individual basis, and then the establishment determines which nurses receive some of the grant. Of course, there are private organizations that also donate money in the form of grants for nurses on an individual basis. Many times these grants are given for specific causes, such as cancer or aging issues. The federal government also assists with nursing grants. The Health Resources and Services Administration gives out grants annually for a number of different categories related to nursing. In order to receive a grant, just remember to fully research your options, check into submission deadlines, read over qualifications and guidelines, and then apply for as many as possible.

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